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Who We Are & What We Do?

The firm sprouts from a desire to create beautiful spaces. The founding member, Shoaib Noor, thrives on creating a fresh surprise, truly touching in quality with the personal touch of the client shining through her extremely focused mindset of creativity. Gone are the days of the traditional interior advisory service. Fit it on, it will suit you like a glove.

More than two decades of designing the interior of houses, boutique hotels, lodges, private dwellings and personal residences mark Mega Design & Decor as a prominent player in this field.

Quality that surpasses expectations, detail that shows off, utmost care and exemplary personal attention is the statement we make. That is what our clients say. 

We are expert in:

• Renovation 

• Design 

 Rehabilitation Work 

• Restoration Project 

• Decors 

• Finishing 

• Elevation 

• Horticulture 

• Landscapes

Our Vision

To be one of the leaders in the industry. We aim to deliver the best quality with the easiest way and the most professional results.

Our Mission

We aim to help you find your own theme and a suitable atmosphere for your place design which refers to your field of business. We aim to design your home with the best way that fits your lifestyle. We upgrade your home to be modern and trendy.

Our Relationships

We deliver a service of a very personal nature. It cannot be otherwise. It results in relationships with the client that continue for years thereafter. Mega Design & Decor ensures your space reflects your inner aspirations. It needs enthusiastic energy and inspiration for fabric selection, space design, financial understanding, manufacturing savoir-faire and timeous delivery

Design Presentations

We believe that we are distinguishable from others because of:

  1. Our focus on practical and strategic, rather than limited technical advice 
  2. Our unique access to all possible styles, time period creations and re-shaping living spaces 
  3. Manufacturing our creations, resulting in best value for money; 
  4. Achieving cost effectiveness as an integral part of total interior services 
  5. Our use of cutting edge design technology 
  6. Project coordination by including specification, procurement and costing 
  7. Providing on-schedule delivery and installation 
  8. Our culture of enjoyment and work satisfaction